Google Partners Community Ambassador: May 2014
Selected by the Google Partners Community Team to join the Ambassador program, one of the first 20 Ambassadors out of 10,000+ members, 25 current members to date.

Google Partners Community (2014-2015)

  • Google Partners Spotlight
  • Google Partners Ambassador
  • Most Collaborative Partner

Google Partners Community Ambassadors:
Collaborator of the Year 2014 – November 2014
Google Partners Collaborator of the Year 2014

Google Maps Forum ⋆Rising Star⋆
Google Maps Forum Rising Star, Assisting Customer Map Issues online.

Google Chrome Forum ⋆Rising Star⋆
Google Chrome Forum Rising Star, Assisting Customer Chrome Browser Issues online.

Google Hangouts Forum ⋆Rising Star⋆
Google Hangouts Forum Rising Star, Assisting Customer Hangout Issues online.

Google Help On Social
Google Conversocial ⋆Rising Star⋆, Assisting customer issues online via Twitter.

The 2015 Top 25 Influential PPC Experts (Top 100)
PPC Hero May 2015 Top PPC Experts

PPC Knowledge – Perhaps the most important characteristic, one has to understand PPC inside and out.
Does this person properly know how to track Dynamic Search Ads? How about the factors involved with improving Quality Score? The PPC expert must know the intricacies of the industry.
PPC Innovation – To truly be an expert, one must constantly be trying to improve the knowledge and…

Google WebSearch Forum Top Contributor: August 2015
Chosen by the Google Search Help Forum Community Team.
Public Profile Here:

Google 5pecialist Certification
Earned all 5 AdWords Certifications, prior to challenge.

  • AdWords Search Advertising
  • AdWords Display Advertising
  • AdWords Shopping Advertising
  • AdWords Video Advertising
  • AdWords Mobile Advertising

Bonus: Google Analytics Certified

Additional Honors & Awards
One and Two-Million Dollar Clubs
Swiss Watch Award
United Scholarship Award
Top 100 Mortgage Banker
Operations Management Excellence

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