Our Step-by-Step Consulting Process

At Spencer Wade Digital Consulting, we’ve helped hundreds of companies and individuals find the right mix of marketing, allocate budget to new platforms and tools, as well as working closely with them on formulating a growth strategy that aims to deliver on all of their goals and objectives. And in all of that time, we’ve worked hard to refine our consulting process to make it as easy and unintimidating as possible for those who come to us for assistance – no matter what that assistance might be.

That constant refinement, coupled with attention to our clients’ everchanging needs, led us to the simple 3-step process we use today with every new client that comes to us for assistance. While we’ve broken the process into the following three steps, that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. It’s just the surest way to showcase how we operate in a short window.

With all of that said, we should take a look at each of the steps that go into a successful consulting relationship between our company and yours. The steps are as follows:

  • Step #1: Personal Communication

    By far the most important step in our process, communication forms the basis of everything we do and gives us the information necessary to find the right path for your organization. This begins with the very first call wherein we’ll start to get to know each other and what’s brought you to us. Once we’ve agreed upon what can be done and when it can be accomplished, we’ll move to the next step but the communication never ends via email and scheduled phone conversations. In-person consultations can be scheduled but they require a higher fee to accommodate travel. Whether in-house or digitally, the next step is where the magic happens.

  • Step #2: Completing Consulting Tasks

    When the discussions have ended, it’s time to do the hard work necessary to arrive at the right recommendations for your company or organization. This could entail any number of deliverables but most often focuses on research – both of past performance and the competitive landscape. This research allows us to find opportunities you may have missed, trends that could impact performance and discover potential in whatever you may be considering. From assistance with software purchase decisions to finding the right budget allocation for new platforms, our team will do the heavy lifting to enable them to provide detailed and clear recommendations that will put you on the path to improved performance and increased returns.

  • Step #3: Implementation & Refinement

    The final step in our consulting process sees our team – specifically Spencer Wade – deliver our detailed findings relating to your consulting needs. This reporting will entail all of the research done and give clearly explained recommendations for going forward. Better still, Spencer will spend time sharing insights from our team as to how the recommendations should be implemented, suggested optimizations for continual improvement and/or factors that contributed to our decision-making. Simply put, he will also answer all your questions about how we came to our conclusions and why we feel you should follow them.

Consulting Made Easy With Spencer Wade

No one feels comfortable walking into a situation where they know none of the answers and will have to rely on another’s expertise. That’s understandable because it’s simple psychology drilled into us from childhood. It’s the “I forgot my homework” feeling and it’s more common than you might think in the world of digital business. It’s just a function of how quickly the world changed from a brick-and-mortar world to one that relies on websites and search engines. That’s a big leap for a lot of business owners and it can leave them feeling less than prepared for what’s to come.

That’s where we come in and where we excel – helping businesses and organizations hit their stride with a simple 3-step consulting process. Get started today with Step #1 – a free consultation – by calling (773) 419-3636 or submitting a contact form with your information. We’ll reach back out to you immediately!

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