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We “Get Chicago On The Map” are excited to be an official partner of Let’s Put Chicago on the Map. Our role is to rally local businesses to get online and manage their business information so more customers can find them. When we put small businesses on the map, we help people find, share, and connect with the people and places they love, strengthening our community.

City Expert – Local Guide
Chicago City Expert – Local Guide – Level 4 Divvy Award Winner 2014 City Expert 2014 Yearbook


Chicago Douglas Park Neighborhood Alliance
The Douglas Park Neighborhood Alliance is a group of concerned residents who have grown weary of watching their home become
just another statistic in the American conversation of inner-city tragedy. It is open to any and all residents who are willing to come
together for the common good, and force the people in power to stand up and take notice of the area’s plight. This is, the DPNA…

Opportunities you are looking for:

  • Joining a nonprofit board, Skills-based volunteering (pro bono consulting)

Causes you care about:

  • Animal Welfare, Arts and Culture, Civil Rights and Social Action, Economic Empowerment, Education, Environment, Human Rights,
    Politics, Science and Technology, Social Services

Organizations you support:

  • Team Straight A’s – Youth Sponsors