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Spencer Wade

Brand & Growth Consultant
  • Insights into possibilities and pitfalls.

  • Recommendations from experience.

  • Actionable and clear communication.

“I’ve built successful businesses. I’ve helped others do the same. Isn’t it time we had a conversation?”

Spencer Wade

Lift Conversions Founder & CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions About Consulting

How can you help our business when you don’t know it like our team does?2021-11-24T08:11:46-07:00

That’s a good question and one that has a simple answer. Oftentimes, those closest to a problem or challenge may not see it with fresh eyes. They may approach it as if it’s common or in-line with what they’ve come to expect and that can sometimes lead to oversights; even small oversights can cost real money.

What kind of recommendations can we expect from your consulting services?2021-11-24T08:11:47-07:00

That all depends on your specific needs and circumstances. We’ll iron all of that out during our initial consultation where you’ll have the opportunity to share any timelines, deadlines or hurdles you foresee in the process. It’s that introductory time we spend that tells us both whether or not consulting is the right fit.

Do you assist with implementing recommendations that you make to our team?2021-11-24T08:11:47-07:00

Yes, I can. I founded a Google Partner agency that offers a range of services that are sure to meet any need. Using my agency for this is not required, however, but does stand as an alternative many clients choose to take advantage of due to the ease of transitioning from recommendation to implementation.

Do you assist companies in choosing the right digital software for our business?2021-11-24T08:11:47-07:00

Yes, I most certainly do. With a decade in the industry, I’ve had experience with hundreds of software applications and tools designed to increase efficiency and optimize time management in the digital space. I can help you find the ideal software solutions for your brand at an appropriate skill and budget level.

What type of companies have you helped with consulting services in the past?2021-11-24T08:11:47-07:00

Over the years, I’ve served as a consultant to any number of organizations; both for and nonprofit. My services have helped in a variety of circumstances from fundraising to promotion, digital and print advertising to commercial construction, childcare and healthcare to investing and financial services just to name a few.

Do you help companies structure digital marketing strategy or simply consult?2021-11-24T08:11:47-07:00

Digital marketing strategy is what I do best. After all, it’s how I built my own agency team into the well-oiled machine it is today – a machine that doesn’t require my attention to continually grow and build on the foundation I laid down. I can help you devise the right digital strategy for any budget you have available.

How does the consulting process work when a company agrees to work with you?2021-11-24T08:11:48-07:00

It begins with a conversation to uncover specific goals for the consulting. Once that’s defined, we find recommendations to deliver what you’re after. This includes research and planning for a detailed report delivered in a timely fashion. We then tackle questions or thoughts you have before moving to the next phase – implementation.