The Challenge

The client had been working for a reputable plumber for a decade and decided it was time to start his own business. He tried to use traditional resources available to business owners but found he could not grow with that approach. He came to us for growth and marketing ideas to strengthen his position.

Budget was the biggest hurdle faced.

As a startup, the client did not have a large budget available and no online presence to speak of aside from a Google My Business listing, a website built using a free builder, a Better Business Bureau account and a masterful knowledge of Chicago plumbing and the intricacies faced by residential service in such a hectic landscape.

The client needed a way to attract more traffic to his web property and cater it to their specific needs – again without too high of an expenditure. The current website was lacking in every way with poor user experience.

The business had no discernible web presence outside of the listing and the website. The client did not understand the importance of directories or content for search engine optimization purposes. No links existed.


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“I knew this client was going to succeed from day one. They impressed me with their willingness to listen to ideas beyond their experience and followed our recommendations to the letter.”

Spencer Wade

Digital Marketing Expert

The Process

The first step to achieving their goals and objectives was to address the website deficiencies. Our recommendation was to build a new website property using a purchased WordPress template. This advice was followed and the new site was synced and linked to Google Analytics and Search Console.

  • Robust web presence designed and constructed
  • Syncing and linking with properties successful
  • Location page content strategy implemented

The decision was made to use Location Pages of at least 1,500 words to bolster site Local SEO rankings.

Google My Business was completely reworked to adhere to best practices and use every available feature. This included appointment setting, messaging, Q&A, review mitigation, review outreach, interlinking, Post creation and field completion. Client turned over review mitigation responsibilities to Lift Conversions.

A thorough directory assessment was recommended. After completion, a campaign was begun to add the client to all relevant data aggregators and a lengthy list of important directories. These included engines.

Increase Traffic

The goal was to rank on page #1 for important keyword strings. This effort has proven wildly successful.


Drive More Leads

Through increases page rank, backlinks and GMB optimization, client saw immediate increase in leads.

Sales Chart


After increases driven by the new website, Local SEO and directory work – including Google My Business, Apple Maps and Bing Places – we moved to search marketing using Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising.

This has paid tremendous dividends.

Through a combination of Manual CPC advertising on both platforms and Local SEO, client has been able to double the size of their workforce year after year – going from three men at the end of year one to six at the end of year two and 14 at the end of year three. These employees have all completed probationary periods.

The client opened a brand new office.

With business booming, the client was able to open an office in the neighborhood of his choice and operates a fleet of ten trucks today – all operated by a skilled plumber they hired and trained themselves.

“This is a great example of a client who understood what they knew and what they didn’t and was capable of getting onboard with new ideas when it came to marketing their business.”

Spencer Wade

Digital Marketing Consultant

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