The Challenge

An existing contracting firm in the Inland Empire wanted to begin advertising their services to a wider region and would need to subcontract out the work to vendors in the areas. These teams would be supervised by a general contractor company employee – one employee per region where projects would take place.

How to scale without impacting service?

The company was historically run with 90% of processes – including invoicing and payroll – being handled manually by a single employee. They would need to upgrade all of their systems and processes for efficiency and affordability during the scaling process. After all, the new employees would need to join payroll immediately.

The company would need to create and implement a communication system that allowed for timely contact between both employee contractors and the central office hub, as well as the vendor contractors onsite.

Lastly, the company would need to identify and attract the right candidates for each position regionally. This would have to be done quickly to ensure that advertising matched availability of work crews in local areas.


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Spencer Wade

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The Process

The first recommendation was to create a targeted ad campaign to locate perspective contractor candidates in each region. We used online directories and an outreach email campaign to determine interest. We recommended search firms be hired to attract employees. Steps taken included:

  • Used directories and ads to identify candidates
  • Moved the company to fully digital processes
  • Advised on software and technology purchases

Upon interviewing the current team, the recommendation was made to give current employees transfer options.

By promoting from within, it was judged that the company could save time and budget due to the initial training phase being unnecessary. They would then have the luxury of hiring new employees in their home region rather than in a strange place where they have no history or brick-and-mortar presence.

New software systems were brought online following recommendations. These tracked all employee activity using GPS data and reporting requirements. A CRM was introduced and training was implemented.

Start Fresh

The company wanted to make inroads into new territory. Our team helped make that transition a smooth one.


Update Internals

We recommended a range of software and technology solutions aimed at increasing efficiency and profitability.

Sales Chart


Through following our recommendations, the client’s company was able to complete their expansion plans into seven new regions of the Southwest from San Diego to Phoenix, Albuquerque to Riverside.

They continue to expand to this very day.

By choosing to follow our recommendation to promote from within, they avoided the costs of finding and training a staff in each location. Through pay incentives and moving cost assistance, they had general contractors in each city within 30 days. This immediately paid off with contracting agreements signed within 45 days.

They’re more efficient thanks to technology.

With our software and communications recommendations, the company has increased efficiency by more than 45% with projects finishing faster, with a lower overhead and higher customer satisfaction.

“If a company trusts us and allows us to get to know them, we can offer far more nuanced, better targeted recommendations that translate into higher ROI in any industry.”

Spencer Wade

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