The Challenge

The client purchased the controlling stake in a Polish social media company with a five-year history. The agency had a book of 45 contracts that made the investment seem worthwhile. However, there were issues with many of the contracts that resulted in their being terminated. They needed direction.

Time was the biggest factor at play here.

In this instance, the investor was our client and who we made recommendations to. He then would communicate these recommendations as his orders to be followed. Our team was never in direct contact with the agency team or their clients. We worked directly for the investor and were not tied to current practices.

The investor needed to restructure the company’s processes on the fly and reassign roles to maximize efficiency. He would need to do all of this while still actively promoting the agency and its services across the EU.

A new leader would be needed to manage the day-to-day operations. This person would have to be identified and recruited to the team without alienating current staff promised specific things by past management.


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“This consulting project was ongoing for almost 18 months and covered everything from rewriting agreements to employee compensation, recruitment to training schedules.”

Spencer Wade

Digital Marketing Expert

The Process

The most important item to consider was the lack of leadership that led to the company’s current predicament. This made it clear to our client why they were able to buy for such a low price but now it required strategic planning to find a new manager and train them in best practices while preparing for:

  • Restructuring of roles and duties for entire team
  • Reworking of internal paperwork and processes
  • Acquisition of CRM and service software tools

Our advice led to an executive being found and convinced to take leadership role at competitive salary.

We then identified the software and technology that would increase efficiency and facilitate tracking of workload for all individual team members. The team members worked virtually multiple days a month and meeting schedules and reporting timelines were written and approved at our specific recommendation.

A social media campaign was launched in combination with a Google Ads campaign aimed at bringing in new business as the transition was taking place. Smart Bidding options were used to allow for time between optimizations.

To Restructure

The company was in complete turmoil and required a complete restructuring of roles and responsibilities.


To Stay Ahead

The client needed to accomplish the changes while still focusing on lead generation to maintain profitability.

Sales Chart


Though difficult, the client was able to convince all team members to stay while reducing roles and responsibilities in some cases and completely reassigning them in others. We recommended honesty.

The changes have made the difference.

Now that team members have defined roles, they’re able to devote more time to individual client requests and active campaigns. This has led to a higher volume of positive reviews in one year than in all the previous years combined. This focus on client satisfaction has also helped the leads close after ad clicks.

Channel ad spend is up across the board.

Once the structure and leadership team was in place, the results began to improve in all areas of service activity – from ad spend to ROI across platforms. The client’s investment was repaid within 18 months.

“When a client is open with us and clear about what they have to accomplish, we can help them move mountains and get anywhere they wish to go. After all, consulting is all about trust.”

Spencer Wade

Digital Marketing Consultant

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